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Arkansas Skydiving wants you to feel the rush of the wind in your face at 120 mph.

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Welcome to Arkansas Skydiving

Smile and cheer with Arkansas Skydiving on your own skydiving trip in Arkansas. Call 1-888-522-1266 to schedule your jump.

For Your Safety

Some Safety Measures

  • Thoroughly inspected aircraft
  • Fully-trained, certified instructors
  • The newest equipment
  • Proper on the ground training
  • Close watch on the weather
  • Clear, flat drop zones
  • No overbooking
  • Personal attention

Skydiving in Arkansas has never been safer. Come jump with us by calling 1-888-522-1266 today.

Learn to Skydive in Arkansas

We Are Arkansas Skydiving

With a network of affiliate skydiving centers across Arkansas and a knowledgeable, courteous customer service team, we make your skydive in Arkansas easy, exciting and memorable.

No matter your skill level, our partner skydive schools have the right jump for you. If something comes up and you need to reschedule, no problem, just let us know and we'll get you set up. See the Arkansas sky with Arkansas skydiving.

Tandem Skydiving

On a tandem skydive, you will be securely harnessed to your skydiving instructor -- basically wearing him like a backpack. Get all the thrill of the Arkansas skydiving experience with none of the technical stresses.

Skydiving School

Learn everything you need to know to safely skydive on your own. This process involves classroom teaching and prep as well as a series of increasingly more demanding semi-solo jumps.

Skydiving Videos

In addition to our exciting drop zones across Arkansas, all of our partners offer skydiving video packages as an add-on to your jump. A professional, skydiving videographer will interview you on the ground, jump with you and then get a post-jump interview. The footage will then be edited and mixed with music to create your own personal memento of your skydiving adventure. Share it on Facebook and let everyone know how daring you can be.

Gift Certificates

A tandem skydive makes a great gift. That's why all of our partners have gift certificates that can be personalized for the recipient and occasion. Give a skydiving gift certificate and know that your friend or loved one will be in the hands (and harness) of a very capable and professional instructor. What's more, all of our skydiving gift certificates are valid for two years from the date of purchase, so the recipient will be able to schedule his or her trip when it's most convenient.

LOOK! Happy People

You will never see a skydiver wearing a frown. There is too much excitement and adrenaline for anything but smiles and cheers.

Tandem Skydiving in Arkansas
Arkansas Tandem Skydiving
Skydiving in Arkansas
Arkansas Skydiving

What a thrill! I didn't know my heart could beat that fast.


I was so scared, but the instructor, Tim, was really nice and patient. I'm glad I jumped.


I had so much fun! I hope I can convince my brother to come next time.

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